This was my sketchbook for a project that is dear to my heart.

‘Feminist Love’ - Charlie Connell 2013

I want to show all ladies now of days there’s still allot of fighting to do and standing up for yourself still has to happen however we should love and inspire of the women before us for fighting for they’re rights. I shouldn’t really say ‘fight or fighting’ as women aren’t going round picking on anyone but I think its amazing how women have took to the internet just like tumblr and other websites to say,  show how they feel and how beautiful their bodies are. Ladies loving you’re body and mind is the most important thing in the world and I believe every girl should be teaches to self love from a young age and girls wouldn’t have this media controlled mind. I am a girl and yes someday I feel ugly and feel like I should lose weight however nothing is about your weight or how pretty you’re hair is today, remember ladies you are beautiful inside and out and you don’t need anyone to tell you but yourself. So if you get upset or feel like crap, remember you kick ass because you’re a girl and you are beautiful. Go and back the world’s ladies and support each other and love. 

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  • Posted: 20 October 2013